The Voyage Andromeda

Join The Crew of The Most Exciting but Perilous Mission the World Has Ever Known

From Brighton Beach…

Lovely words :)

Video for “I guess so”

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Here’s an acoustic demo of a new song 

DeffDarling: The Voyage Andromeda E.P Review!


The Voyage Andromeda – ‘They Thought the World was Round’ E.P Release

After some thought provoking yet wonderfully charming music to listen to and muse over? Well I think I’ve found the perfect band!

Brighton based band The Voyage Andromeda are what I guess you’d call alternative…

Lead track from the forthcoming EP They Thought the World Was Round - 28th May 2012

See - we were right!

See - we were right!

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sinkorswim0 said: Thanks! Yes, in the months when I can't swim in the sea, I have to obsessively blog about it! You live in Brighton as well?

Yes I do! right by the sea! My band is from here - which is what my blog is for :)